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January 26th, 2007

Yep, more quickies. I’m right now in the midst of juggling editor emails with massive housecleaning in preparation for the giant, much-belated housewarming party that starts late this afternoon.

But, a shout-out favor for Seattleites: in looking at how I’m going to manage book promotion here, one thing I’d really like to do, rather than plain old readings, is organize promo sessions during which parents and/or teens can come, drop questions in a hat, and we can all gab live answering some of them, exploring topics, what have you, in a fairly comfortable setting.

What’d be really nice, if possible, is to be able to sometimes have someone with me who does (either or both) a) peer-to-peer counseling for high schoolers or college-age kids, that is either sex-ed based, or includes sexuality topics or b) a good teen therapist or family counselor. It’d be good promotion for whomever that person or persons are as well. If anyone knows anyone (or is someone who does either of these things) local, I’d be really grateful for the info. I may additionally get some local Scarleteen users/volunteers for a couple of these, but having an extra “expert” besides myself just seems like it’d round things out nicely. I have to say that ideally, a peer-counselor would win out for me, especially when it comes to making more visible the fact that young adults are totally capable people whose voices need to be heard, which is obviously a key issue with the book.


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