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February 15th, 2007

A brief break (and thank christ, it really does look like tomorrow I’ll get that day off after all, though given my workday today started out with shared orgasms before either of us were even fully awake this morning, I can’t complain overmuch), to highlight a couple more Scarleteen fundrasing bloggy bits out and about I’ve enjoyed reading, and am grateful for:

Peter has some cool reflections here, Zingerella shares some sound sex ed memories here, and I know I linked to Sarah Monette’s entry yesterday, but I like it so much I’m doing it again. Here’s Hanne’s awesome offer to sweeten the deal, Seska’s reflections on her sex ed experiences, Candy on hers, and AGA blogger and longtime Scarleteen user Emily here.

On a related note, this letter from the Religious Institute makes me very, very happy. A favorite passage?

Faith communities must recognize, however, that many adolescents will become involved in sexual relationships during their teenage years. Adolescent intimate relationships, like those of adults, should be based on shared personal values, and should be consensual, non-exploitative and non-coercive, honest, mutually pleasurable, and protected against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. All persons, including adolescents, have the right and responsibility to lead lives that express love, justice, mutuality, commitment, consent, and pleasure.

Preach it.

(I likely won’t find all the blog entries people are doing in the logs, so if anyone blogging wants to bring my attention to what they’ve done, by all means, shoot me an email. And if you haven’t blogged yet, and support what we do, please do! Everybody’s bit helps, and besides, it’s always cool and needed to talk and read about sex ed. This is dialogue we need culturally, no matter what.)

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