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Fine Art Photography - Nude photography - Pinup - Sexual Potraits - Female Photographer

When working and creating as a photographer and artist (rather than as an author or sex educator), my work has been described as "bravely intimate", "incredibly original", revolutionary, "perfectly imperfect" and "unbelievably diverse" by viewers and fans, which I think is pretty nifty.

Click a thumbnail to view the photos below (enlargements are shown at a reduced size -- full-sized, high resolution photos are available for subscribers). For more information on the photos, sitting for me, links to guest photographers and subjects or technical information, read further below or see the information links at left. To see the most recent photo updates to the site, click here.

To view my professional portfolio or for information on booking photo sessions with me, click here.

public portfolio - free samples
self-portraits & guest photographers
self-portrait heather corinna culture ethnicity artifacts objects sacred illness split torn self-portrait nude natural feminist art heather corinna self-portrait morning unwashed black and white female woman solace mixed-media self portrait torn dissected too many people
self portrait nude fine art strength back carry burdens lightness black and white women abstract self-portrait deflowered blood roses lace virginity cultural mythos feminist art heather corinna self portrait clear window seeing onself
self portrait heather corinna caught in net
self portrait mixed-media at home in her hand woman and nature feminist art self portrait frustration inspiration weariness women
self portrait everything in the palm of my hand koan meditation self portrait heather corinna fall vulnerability line study
body of work: body image body history fine art nudes women study details landscape closeup b/w black and white high res muscle curve real natural female posture form line composition figure not for adam nina: heather fishnet monochrome black and white vamp femme lounge jazz heels dance smoking noir freckles heather tattoo context: virtual installation piece art smut woman sex worker's art show gender study sexuality issues pornography feminism fetish fishnet stylized nude pinup fine art exhibit self portraiture challenge lesbian stereotypes sex work
context: challenging sterotype finding context in erotic work female presentation lesbian sex work anger feminism bender: dyke drag genderqueer butch/femmegenderplay self portraits speculate (from gallery show)
sile ni geige: symbolism female power strength mud primitive lush life old school hollywood style portraits and nudes female moody noir redhead feathers 30's yseult: self portrait mythology arthurian fearful tragedy doom gothic noir dark trapped tiger lilies literature 15: Tocca:: hands fingers fine art nudes freckle curves muscle redhead heather self portait solo love natural body queer.
tocca self portraits with hands tocca self portraits with hands sticky: interracial couple real play fetish red sticky liquid latex messy sex playful fun kink men women stacked: books smut glasses black and white fine art nude curves muscles long hair beads work geek smartypants black lace at home pictorial self portrait masturbation dyke lesbian on our backs magazine spread

Blending more traditional styles, archetypes and themes with new approaches, keeping the physical and emotional tone real, grounded, varied and present, I try to step outside genre by creating work that explores sexuality, gender and personal identity within fine art without a typical fine art nude genericism or loss of personal identity of the subject. I aim to protest stereotype, to be feminist, open, authentic (or intentionally artificial) and expressive. My body of work runs the gamut from tackling difficult issues to juat having a damned good time. I aim to put a diverse array of real body, real mind, real heart and real sexuality out there with my own in hopes of making a dent in the homogeneous, hetero, male-directed, overglossed and often vapid pit of mass-produced and mainstream sexual material in which the image usually starts and stops on the one-dimensional surface and reflects male fantasy and ideal put upon women rather than female-directed sexual and artistic expression.

In my mind, the difference between my work and pornography of various types isn't as simple as my not shaving my armpits sometimes, being over 40, being queer, not having fake breasts, often going without makeup or including other models or lovers who may not, or certainly do not, fit mainstream beauty standards or simple sexualor gender identities. It's a complex combination of creative, political, personal and artistic motivation, very different business practices, socioeconomics and context and certainly, different aims than most mainstream sexuality content or photography of women and/or the body. For more on what I feel makes my work different, see here.
3: threesome queer menage a trois interracial diversity redhead freckles blonde dreadlocks tattoos jeans freckles barefoot natural nudes group sex women men couples trio triad soft drown: rape flashback portraits 11: Shadowboxing: High-contrast black and color with the sheer of a bodystocking as prop. body of work installation project simple nudes natural stretch marks shadow age

My work has shown in On Our Backs magazine, at the 2003 BECAUSE exhibit, the 2004 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and the Bryant-Lake Bowl (Minneapolis); has been shown online at ventures like Scarlet Letters, Janesguide, Toys in Babeland and Michelle7 and will be included in an upcoming erotic photography anthology. I also have done commercial work for companies and organizations like, District 202, Dykes Do Drag and other clients, as well as many sessions with individuals working with gender, drag and performance photos, as well as fine art nudes and portraits, sometimes used as part of body image therapy (and I often do that work pro bono).

high contrast black feathered shadowed nudes 09: Flushed: Stark, saturated fetish shots in a vacant bathroom. mica: fine art nudes self portrait muscle erotica contour mineral oil curve freckles redhead natural body mature female boxer fashion smoky blue green eyes and one pissed off dyke peace on: gentle nudes yule light snow soft
lush life old school hollywood style portraits and nudes female moody noir redhead feathers 30's nonviolent 16: Linger: black and white b/w tender gentle delicate cuddle dreadlocks couples caress embrace joyful ugly on the inside power mood swing nudes peepshow: strip tease lap dance black and white grain dyke self-portraits fine art nude muscles cruves freckles redhead raw feral intimate creative spartan female doorway tattoo piercing

additional models
body image portraiture fine art nude beautiful fat couple split rock lighthouse minnesota dead wood burlesque shadow dance minneapolis body image portraiture
minneapolis sculpture intertwined lines seattle daisy seattle ariel offbeat bride promotional work black and white location ballard seattle dying on the voine shrub rose fall washington backyard floral portrait
wildflowers lake superior minnesota upper northwest road leaving past jane duvall road friends sisters gentle nude portrait body image portraiture

Truly independent artist content on the web is rare, and woman-produced sexuality material not made expressly for a male gaze or only for commercial gain rarer still, especially in visual material. For that reason, I ask and encourage you to subscribe, either to this site or another independent woman-owned-and-operated artist site which you frequent. Without the financial support needed to create quality, independently produced content, we find ourselves with little to choose from save mass-produced, heterocentric, homogenous and uninspired material. Around 80% of the subscribers to this site are, and always have been, women, a group which frequently laments a lack of sexuality material available to them. Visual erotica or depiction of the female nude and sensexsual self has been male-dominated largely because mainly male consumers have dominated it finanically.

suit suspenders alternative butch dyke portrait body image project truck fire broken glass wreckage minneapolis morning intimacy fine art nude girlfriend sofia the pug

lesbian dyke erotic couples portraits spun photography with illustration wildflower Dykes Do Drag: Minneapolis dyke drag troupe genderqueer permormers still portraits king alexis bailly vinyard, minnesota 21

The subscribers area contains over 6000 quality, high resolution and fully original photographs. Photos are primarily of and photographed by myself. Besides the self-portraits and photo sessions I photograph, there are also sessions from guest photographers, including B. Labouyi, Lee Higgs, Billy Sheahan, Lee Stranahan, Norm Edwards and others, as well as guest models; solo, or women or men photographed with me. Erotica, fine art nude, traditional and experimental portraiture, conceptual art installations, drag and performance portraits, couples photography are some of the types of work found in my complete portfolio. All work is original and most is exclusive to this site.

To become a patron by subscription, and more information on subscribing, click here.

breeding lilacs out of the dead earth: portraits of sorrow and heartbreak la cucina: couple couples male female natural kissing smiles beautiful love romance kitchen home casual jeans portraits erotica Dykes Do Drag: Minneapolis dyke drag troupe permormers still portraits jane duvall nude portrait outdoors upper northwest nature female
couples nude water sculptural outdoors natural north shore lake superior minnesota nature floral photography 20: Seska: Noir femme fatale 20's styled stairway iron smoky mystery soft focus portrait details
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